Nov 062014



1.Work on your content quality:

It is easy to create videos, but to make something that is really worth the time for your audience will take planning and thinking from your customers’ point of view. No body is bothered about you or your business. Your audience would have come to your website or Youtube channel by searching for a specific information. If they cannot find it there, they are sure to leave in seconds.

2.Tell a story through your videos:

What ever business you are in, there is always scope to tell stories to grab peoples’ attention. In any business human beings are involved, hence stories based on human emotions are more engaging and they would recall such messages very easily. The emotional experience they takeaway from the video can pay rich dividends in building your brand.

3.Create crafty video headlines:

Marketers should remember that your headline is the air corridor to the video. It is wise to spend time in crafting a catchy headline.

4.Upload apt video thumbnails:

I have seen businesses uploading a thumbnail merely to get people to click on the video, where the thumbnail is in no way related to the video. Such myopic acts will only tarnish the brand’s image in front of their target audience. Hence it is paramount to ensure that the thumbnails are appropriate for the videos uploaded.

5.Plan your description and tags:
It is a good idea to spend some time planning your description and tags for the video you want to upload as it would help with the SEO for your video.

6.Ask for comments:
It is a good practice to send the videos you created to your colleagues or acquaintances in your target market and get their views and comments before making it public.

7.Reach out on social media platforms:
Share your videos to all the social media platforms you are a part of. Again only if the videos are of the highest quality it will be shared.

8.Comments received for a video:
It is adviced to acknowledge all the comments received for the video. Even if you get a comment you do not wish to be there, do not delete it but engage with the person and keep the conversation live.

9.Purpose of uploading the video:
Whenever you upload a video, thing about the very purpose of uploading it. If it is for social engagement, insert social media links. if it is to increase subscription to your channel, insert a subscribe annotation or inset any call to action links based on where you want them to go after viewing the video.

10.Ask your audience to take action:
At the end of the videos you create always ask your audience to take action, which could be to like it, follow the brand on twitter, like the brand’s facebook page or subscribe to the brand’s YouTube channel.

Feb 232014


Unique value proposition is self explanatory ie. it is the proposition that makes your brand unique.

In this age when there is a plethora of brands waving their flags at you to get their attention, who will you chose and why? As a matter of fact if prospects do not find a reason good enough to opt for your brand as against the competition, you are out of the game. Anyone who starts an entrepreneurial journey should always keep in mind that your unique value proposition is the vital aspect you will ever craft out for your business. I would go one more step further and say, your UVP will define your ultimate success or disaster in your business.

For instance, you have a restaurant in a town where you have to compete with 20 others. If you open your restaurant every day and wait for people to come in without having a “unique value proposition” to be communicated to your target audience, you are simply living in a fool’s paradise. Think for yourself, why should  someone step into your eatery when there are 19 others and probably they would have been there for a long time prior to your entry. You need to have a thorough understanding about all the other 19 restaurants, Are there any  areas where patrons are not very happy about? Can you solve the problems they are facing? Can you guarantee a faster home delivery at no extra cost? Can you provide a reasonably priced buffet breakfast every morning? etc.

If it is a shop, can you provide 24 – 7 and 365 days service? If it is a cake shop, can you deliver cakes at short notice or make cakes when customers are waiting after giving orders?

Look at Zapoos, what did they do differently so as to seize a major market share in the online footwear business? They provided the best customer service no one at that time ever thought of providing. I remember Tony Hsieh, the CEO mentioning an incident where one of the customers wanted to return a pair of shoes bought for her husband because before she could gift it to him he died . Zapoos returned her money and one of their staff even attended the funeral. If they do not have a type of shoes  customers are looking for, they recommend other stores along with their contact details so as to make  the customers feel good about the engagement with Zapoos.

To be really successful in any venture in the current business scenario, you need to be willing to do what others are not doing. It is futile to copy what others are doing if you want to be in business for a long time. In my opinion it is a myopic view of marketing and therefore it is paramount to create a UVP to develop a brand that would thrive through generations.

A simple guide to develop a UVP is to follow the given points below .

Have a uniqueness about your business offering.

Does it characterise a spot-on value to your customers, if yes what?

How do you intend to provide it to them?

Let everyone know about your UVP. Place it at a prominent place on your website, stationaries, office lobby, telephone answering messages etc.




Feb 172014

Content marketing is basically generating and distributing valuable content for your target audience.

The most remarkable feature of content marketing is that even though it is relatively economical, it truly is a smart investment that compensates repeatedly for a long time into the future.  It has to be noted that a content created today will be in operation through different networks you and your connections own. Even though content does not do the task of selling directly, it helps to drive leads further down the sales funnel. It has to be remembered that creating content for educating your target audience is clever way to brand your business. In this digital age where any information under the sun is just a click away, people search for it the moment they need to know certain facts about something. So if your business can solve their quest for any information concerning your industry, you stand to gain. People search for it, they engage with you to know further facts, they share the information between their friends in their network and so on.

As a matter of fact content marketing is a simple idea that can be put into action even by a small business or start-ups to be on level playing ground with the big brands. To be really successful with content marketing, there has to be a well chalked out plan. The content you create has to help solve a problem your customers are facing, which could be found out from the commonly searched items from Google search or suggestions received from customers.

Have a look at these four steps for content marketing success.

1.         Build a Website with your content

Similar to the blog you are reading now, create a website for your content where you want people to visit often. Even if you put content anywhere else get your visitors to your website where they can get more information about their search. It does not matter if your business is offline or online, it could be a dentist’s practice, a supermarket, a cake shop or an ecommerce store, if you can get people to your website with quality information and get them engaged, they will surely  give you preference when making a decision to purchase.

2. Make your content in various formats

Any content you create should be of excellent quality and should work towards educating your target audience where you could mention the role of your products or services in solving certain problems they are facing.  To expand the life of your content, make it into different formats available. You can make a blog, provide reports, e-books, white papers, case studies printed books, videos, podcasts, slide shows, articles online or offline ie. magazines or newspapers, webinars, workshops, short films, images and info-graphics, newsletters, email courses etc. for an outstanding content marketing.

3. Build your email list

The advantage of an effective content marketing strategy is list building, hence the content has to be keyword rich as well as remarkable enough to entice your audience to part with their e-mail details. After you get their attention, it becomes easier to promote any other outstanding content and get them engaged which paves the way to present your products or services to a hungry audience.

4. Promote your content on Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to promote your content comprising of videos, blog posts etc. so as to reach a wider network of your target market who would be eagerly waiting to receive information such as yours. It is adviced to place social media buttons beside your content so as to make it easy for your viewers to share it with their network of followers, which eventually brings in a larger audience to view your content.

Lastly, it is paramount for marketers to note that to capture their target market’s attention, they need to repeatedly feed them with great content that is truly enlightening and engaging by systematically following a calendar so that eventually they get the outcome anticipated for their businesses.


Dec 102013

Here’s another technology that is enhancing the marketing efforts of businesses. The Belly app is revolutionising the features of customer loyalty. What it basically does is that it offers sampling to loyalty card consumers to try other local businesses based on their buying habits.

Belly has in-fact made it very easy for patrons and businesses as the app is available on both Android and iPhones where they just have to unwrap the Belly app, simply scan at the time of purchase and receive points. The participating stores are provided with an ipad scanning station where the whole process is done which actually provides businesses an opportunity to engage with customers. As you collect more points you start receiving some fabulous rewards.

Watch this video to see how it works for your brand.

According to its CEO  LaHive “Belly focuses on what’s missing: a smart and custom loyalty program that reflects the unique personality and culture of each store.”

Though aimed to be a digital loyalty programme, it has also included the physical loyalty card to let those without smart phones also to be a part of this concept and enjoy reaping rewards. Still in its infancy, Belly has already attracted thousands of users and has hundreds of businesses on board.Brands would stand to benefit by joining the belly card programme as it helps to develop more brand engagement and managing online reputation would not be a chore.


Dec 022013

Among all the advantages of having a facebook page and downloading the Instagram app, Soldsie is a very clever idea to be integrated through them to get more customers. This lets fans to buy products offered by your venture. What soldsie does is that it makes it possible for customers to buy things straight from the facebook page merely by posting comments on a picture.
Have a look at this video to learn more:

To be a part of this initiative, log on to soldsie and download the Facebook app. What is really interesting is that the app makes it possible for vendors to sell items and send invoice to buyers all from within Facebook. Whenever a vendor wants to sell a product, they simply need to upload the item’s picture, a description and expected price.

If anyone is fascinated by a product and wants to buy it , they simply need to comment with sold or as directed by the vendor in the product description area. Vendors will send the invoice to the e-mail id entered in the comments area. The transaction stands completed when the buyer verifies the invoice details and click send. Ventures dealing in less than $700 a month do not pay any fee to soldsie, nevertheless, those with between $700 to $80,000 per month need to pay 3% fee . Businesses whose transaction falls above $80,000 per month needs to pay a variable fee.

In simple words soldsie enables people to purchase items straight from Facebook page just by posting a comment on the product’s picture.  A great advantage of doing business via posting comments is the viral effect that gets shaped. For example every time someone buys an item, it is seen by the seller’s followers and the buyer’s network of friends, which in turn promotes the venture and help breed a decent following.

I think e-commerce businesses should take advantage of this remarkable idea to grow their ventures.

Nov 292013


Vine, comparatively a new guy on the cyber highway is a 6 second looping video app from Twitter.  I feel this is an excellent tool for businesses to say a few words about their brand and get viewed by a large number of eye balls. For businesses that shy away from making a video to promote their brand, the 6 second limit set for vine videos by Twitter would be apt. There are others who might feel, “c’mon how is it possible to say something worthwhile in just 6 seconds?” Well, you just have to be creative.

A great advantage for marketers is that, as the number of people using smartphones to log on to social media platforms are on the rise, there is a better likelihood of these videos to be watched .It is important to note that as the videos are just 6 seconds long, every word or images in it will get full attention of the audience. People get too curious to know what is being conveyed.

1. Post the Vine videos on all the social media platforms

2. Customers could be asked to post their special moments with the brand

3. You can showcase your line of products and new uses of products

4. Prospects can be shown a very important aspect of a product or service that could be overlooked   in a longer video

5. The brand name, colour scheme associated with a brand, its tag line etc. can be projected in that short period.

6. Satisfied customers can be asked to say just one or two words about your product or service.

7. Customers or clients could be incentivised for posting videos associated with your brand employing hashtag ie. #your brand. “What a brand building option that is?”

8. It can be used to show the ambience of your work place, just to let people know who you are.

9. Involve your audience with imaginative and exciting content as it can encourage discussion about your brand .

If you are not yet in, simply download the app, sign in via your Twitter account, and you are good to go.

Nov 282013

QThru, which is a smart phone app is indeed a great marketing tool for  retailers on one side and a Godsend gift for time strapped shoppers.This smart phone app permits shoppers to just scan barcodes and  do their purchase while altogether doing away with long and annoying queues at the checkout. Even if you have left home for a stroll or an evening jog and have not taken your wallet with you, the app makes it possible to do the purchase.

Watch the video below to have a better understanding about QThru 

Retailers who are interested to try this innovative idea in their stores simply need to register with QThru and let customers know about it so that they can download the app and have a pleasant shopping experience after entering their credit card details which are fully secured.

What is interesting about this app is that it allows shoppers to make a shopping list, view any special deals available for the day and not forgetting to provide the vital details etc. of products. Shoppers can also have an idea about the amount they are going to spend before they enter the security code and scan the kiosk QR code at the checkout. Shoppers can leave the shop after showing the proof of purchase to a store personnel.

I think this app can increase sales in a store and should be incorporated by retail businesses.


Nov 272013

When I write this post I am reminded of a friend of mine who when visiting different places has a habit of taking pictures of anything that he finds interesting and posts it on facebook with a caption.

Is your brand showing its presence on Instagram? Well, if not, it is not too late to get in the bandwagon and start a colourful journey on this social media that is also being used by brands such as Starbucks, Wholefoods, Nike etc.  Instagram is a free user friendly platform that lets people to share pictures that are amusing and striking. The good news for marketers and business people is that it could be used to promote a business. With more than 150 million users on this platform, businesses would indeed stand to gain by being creative with this picture marketing idea.

The uniqueness of Instagram, compared to other social media channels is that when businesses post stunning pictures that reflect their brands, it brings the visual aspect of the brand stand out. Businesses and marketers should be aware that Instagram now supports up to 12 seconds videos which is a boon for brand building.

Using hashtags are a fantastic way to find users who are chatting about a brand or an issue and to get into the discussion. It is advisable to create a hashtag for your own brand so that it can be used when posting images of your offerings and would do a favour for your brand when your followers share your content that could be viral.

The pictures that a creative business would use could be something that has a joyful association with peoples’ lives. a cake shop could post images of a couple cutting a wedding cake, a restaurant could post pictures of their exotic food being served at a birthday party or wedding function, a sports shop could post images of their products being used at a school sports day etc. I am sure marketers and business people just need a nudge, they know what to do with it.

It would help businesses if they share the Instagram photos on other social networks such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter etc. and get people engaged in a conversation by asking them to comment on the picture. As mobile has an enormous influence on social media with a major part of the population with smartphones I think it would be a great idea for businesses to consider Instagram into their marketing.

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